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Leiston-cum-Sizewell Town Council deals with many things but some things are out of our hands! There are three layers of local government that administer Leiston, East Suffolk Council, Suffolk County Council and Leiston-cum-Sizewell Town Council. All three Councils have a distinct and separate function and responsibilities to look after. Below is a quick look at where to report your issue!

More details on each Council’s general responsibilities can be found below. Hopefully this will help you know who best to contact for your needs.

Do you want to:

Pay for your Brown Bin or Council Tax
Noise Complaint
Look up Planning Applications


Do you want to:

Report a Pothole, Fallen Tree or a Flood
Apply for a Blue Badge


Do you want to:

Report a refuse or recycling problem
Report an overflowing Dog Bin

Then call East Suffolk NORSE on 03450 402020.

Dog Fouling

Many of you are rightly disgusted and upset when you find dog mess left in our parks and on footpaths.

The only way we can stop this if the culprits are reported and fined.

The only way this will happen is if you report the culprits with enough information to enable the East Suffolk Council to take action. Please look at the East Suffolk Council website for guidance on reporting dog fouling:

Your name and address will remain confidential throughout the process and your anonymity will be assured.


Handy Information… There is also many local services and clubs within Leiston, please find these listed below! 

Leiston-cum-Sizewell Town Council

Leiston-cum-Sizewell Town Council is responsible for:

  • Leiston Film Theatre – High Street
  • Community Centre – King George’s Avenue
  • The Waterloo Centre – Waterloo Avenue
  • Play Parks King George’s Avenue and Victory Road
  • Skate Park – Victory Road
  • BMX Track – King George’s Avenue
  • Community Orchard and Sports Field – King George’s Avenue
  • Hayling’s Pond – Hayling’s Grove
  • Allotments – Valley Road and Ashfield Drive
  • Dinsdale Road Public Conveniences
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Bus Shelters
  • Dog Bins
  • Litter Bins
  • Grants to Local Community Groups
  • Consultee on Planning Applications
East Suffolk Council

East Suffolk Council is responsible for:

  • Benefits: To apply, manage or pay for East Suffolk Council benefits and services, which include: Garden Waste Scheme, Council Tax, Business Improvement District, Business Rates, Excess Charge Notices (Parking Fees), Housing Benefit Over payments, Housing Rent, Sales Invoices and Licensing.
  • Business: To apply and gain advice on, Licensing, Business Training, Business Grants and Funding, Business Incentives, East Suffolk Economic Growth Plan, Support for Town Economies, Food Safety, Business Associations and Networks, Business Land and Property, Business Rates, Filming and Photography, Regeneration Projects, Health and Safety, Supplying the Councils, Exporting from East Suffolk and East Suffolk Business and Community Awards.
  • Community: See how the East Suffolk Council is working on the Community development to empower individuals and groups by providing them with skills and support they need to affect the change in their own communities.
  • Council Tax: To pay and view what your Council Tax is spent on.
  • Elections: To register to vote and to gain information about the elections happening within the East of Suffolk.
  • Environment: Information on Coastal Management, Environmental Protection, Emergency Planning, Fixed Penalty Notices, Street Lighting, Rights of Way, Grass Cutting, Fly-Tipping and Tackling Climate Change.
  • Housing: Information on Registering for Housing, Privately Rented Housing, Street Naming and Numbering, Local Land Charges, Retirement Living, Home Alarm, Grants, Warm Homes, Empty Properties, Mobile Homes, Travellers and Housing Policies and Strategies.   
  • Leisure: Information on Sport and Leisure Centres, Running, Cycling, Fishing, Parks ad Open Spaces, Coastal Card, Passport to Leisure and East Suffolk Photo Competition and Community Awards.
  • Planning: For all your planning needs, from planning applications to trees and landscaping, as well as building controls and local land charges!
  • Visitors: Find out where all the Visitor Information Centres are located or where best to park, as well as discovering where the nearest toilet is!
  • Waste: Find out who collects your waste and when, as well as reporting fly tipping and abandoned vehicles.
Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council is responsible for:

  • Roads and Transport: Information on Roadworks, reporting a Highways issue (potholes!) and applying for a Bus Pass or Blue Badge. 
  • Care and Support for Adults: Information on where to start and how to pay for your care needed.  
  • Children, Families and Learning: How to apply for a school place and choosing the right childcare, as well as paying for school penalty fines. 
  • Business and Licenses: Applying and paying for a business licence and information on Economic Development. 
  • Jobs and Careers: Information on working within the public sector as well as details about getting into teaching. 
  • Fire and Rescue Service: Find out more information about what is happening within the Fire Service, from Live Incidents to Fire Safety Guides. 
  • Trading Standards: Report a Product or Service Scam or to see which Products have recently been recalled as well as advice for local businesses.  
  • Planning, Waste and Environment: Information on your local Recycling Centre or to view recent planning applications.
  • Births, Deaths and Ceremonies: Register a Birth or Death or find out more information about Inquest Hearings and the Coroner Service.
  • Community and Safety: Information on keeping Healthy and having a Warm Home as well as Road Safety and guidance on Travellers. 
  • Culture, Heritage and Leisure: A look at where the local libraries are as well as information on Archaeological Service and filming within Suffolk. 
Local Services
Suffolk Police: Tel: 101 (ask for Leiston SNT)
101 is the police number to report any non emergency

The Leiston Surgery: Main Street, Leiston, IP16 4ES      Tel: 01728 830526
Doctors: N Maggs, K Blades, S Pai and I Qureshi.

Public Defibrillators: Outside Co-Op (Sizewell Road)
                                  Children’s Centre (Waterloo Centre)
Other Defibrillators are available, when open, at the Community Centre, the Library and Leiston Film Theatre.

Leiston has many different services within the Town, check out what the town has to offer;

Community Car Service:                             Tel: 01728 831215

Job Centre:                                                                Tel: 01728 401004

Leiston Library:                                                    Tel: 01728 831252

Leiston Long Shop Museum:                   Tel: 01728 832189

Leiston Leisure Centre:                                Tel: 01728 830364

Citizens Advice:                                                   Tel: 01728 832193

LEEWAY:   Domestic violence and abuse service.         Tel: 0845 2142 171

CRUSE:  Bereavement Care.                      Tel: 01394 670770

The Ferns:  Sexual Assault Referral Centre.                 Tel: 01473 668974

Shining Stars Nursery:                                  Tel: 01728 832502 

Leiston Primary School:                               Tel: 01728 830745

Alde Valley Academy:                                     Tel: 01728 830570

Suffolk New College on the Coast:                                Tel: 07767 114770

Local Organisations
There’s lots going on in Leiston, why not see what clubs and support groups you could join:

Leiston Children’s Centre:                                                     Tel: 01728 642930

Leiston Film Theatre Support Club:                              Tel: 01728 831714

Leiston Scouts:   Steve Burch.                                               Tel: 01728 832479

Leiston Guides, Brownies, Rainbows:   Selena Levermore.     Tel: 01728 635608

Leiston Youth Club:   Lucy Pickett.                                         Via Facebook:

Leiston Women’s Institute:  Judy Geater.                Tel: 01728 831628

CYDS:  Stuart Watson.                                                                  Tel: 01728 830716

CATS:  Accessible Transport on demand.                   Tel: 01728 830516

Leiston Royal British Legion Band:                 Email:

Leiston Swimming Club:  Matt Dye.                              Tel: 01728 833266

PISCES Disable Swimming Club:                                     Tel: 01728 648270

Rose and Sweet William Club:                                           Tel: 01728 832028

Leiston Royal British Legion:                                             Tel: 01728 833537

Samaritans Help Line:                                                             Tel: 08457 909090

Leiston Town Pastors:                                                             Tel: 07804004669

Leiston Good Neighbour Scheme:                             Tel: 07724 777465 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)                                                                                                                                     Email:

Leiston Dementia Project:                           Email:

If you are still unsure where to go or who to contact, then please fill out the form below and we can try and point you in the right direction.

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Leiston-cum-Sizewell Town Council
Council Offices,  Main Street,
Leiston,  IP16 4ER
Tel: (01728) 830388

Leiston-cum-Sizewell Town Council
Council Offices,  Main Street,
Leiston,  IP16 4ER
Tel: (01728) 830388