The Leiston Community Land Trust (LCLT) allows the community to own and manage local assets to meet local needs. It is run by a Board of up to 9 Directors. All directors are volunteers elected to the Board by the Trust’s members.

The LCLT has been set up to deliver the town centre regeneration as determined by the people of Leiston through the Neighbourhood Plan. It can also take on any other land or buildings to create long-lasting social, economic and environmental improvements.

The LCLT is registered (No 7854) with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as a Community Benefit Society. It is a member of the National CLT network.

The LCLT is an independent and non-profit organisation that works for the benefit of the local community starting with the regeneration of the town’s centre including;

  1. The delivery of homes for local people to help meet the identified local need for homes that they would be able to afford.
  2. The economic regeneration of the retail, leisure and civic amenities to encourage new and support existing resources.



Leiston CLT’s objects (Vision) are to mobilise the local community to create a professionally run, financially sound, locally controlled and sustainable organisation owning and operating community assets for the sole benefit of the Leiston community to enhance Leiston’s attraction as a place in which to live, work and visit through:-

  • Provision of homes for the benefit of local people who wish to purchase or rent at any stage of their life in a way that is accountable to the local community and that can offer a genuine alternative to commercial housing provision.
  • Development of the town centre to provide a sustainable focus for leisure, retail and civic activities.
  • Working with the Leiston community to provide future community assets.
  • Ensuring the homes and community assets we provide are maintained and operated for the long term benefit of the town.



Our Mission is to deliver the housing needs and town centre regeneration of Leiston in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan and operate and maintain the community assets for the long term benefit of the town’s community.

We plan to :-

  • Deliver homes through acquring sites, developing new dwellings or buying and converting existing properties in the town, all with the objective of providing low cost housing that people can afford.
  • Develop the town centre to provide a central community focal point for outdoor events, leisure, retail and civic activity to encourage new and support existing resources and attractions to influence Leiston’s role as a destination.

We will also work with the Town Council and other community stakeholders to develop, operate and maintain community assets identified in the Neighbourhood Plan and through public consultation for the ongoing benefit of the community.

Membership Policy

Application for Full Membership is open to:

  • Any individual aged 18 or over living or working in Leiston-cum-Sizewell. (full Membership ceases if a Member no longer lives or works in Leiston-cum-Sizewell but can be converted to Associate Member on request)
  • Any corporate and un-corporate body active in Leiston-cum-Sizewell (represented by a nominated individual) which supports the objectives of the Trust and agrees to be bound by its Rules. (The Objects are laid out in full in the Rules of the Leiston CLT which are available from the Registered Office).

Full Membership of the LCLT requires the purchase of a non-transferable share to the value of £1 (one pound).

Application for Associate Membership is open to:

  • Any individual, corporate or un-corporate organisation supporting the objects of the Trust and agreeing to be bound by it’s Rules. Associate Members are not able to purchase a share but are asked to make a donation.

Application for Full or Associate Membership should be made in writing to the Trust’s Registered Office accompanied by the £1 share purchase price or donation. An application form can be found HERE.

When considering application for membership, the Board will consider each application on its merit having regard to:

  • The Rules of the Society.
  • Potential conflicts of interest.

Benefits of Membership

Full membership of Leiston CLT allows you to:

  • Have a say in the direction and activities of the Trust through voting at the AGM.
  • Standing as or electing members to the Board.
  • Act as guardians of the Objects of the Trust and promote its interests.
  • Receive regular news and events information.
  • Have volunteering opportunities in a range and variety of community projects.


Membership Form

Please contact the office to request your Membership Application Form and once it is filled out please drop it into either the Town Council Offices (Main Street, Leiston, IP16 4ER) or the Leiston Community Land Trust Office (22 Sizewell Road, Leiston, IP16  4AB) accompanied by the £1 share purchase or donation.

Contact Us…

Leiston Community Land Trust are based at
22 Sizewell Road, Leiston, IP16 4AB
(opposite the Co-Op!).

The office is open on TUESDAY between 9.00am to 11.20am only, where you can talk to us and have a look at our future plans for the town.

Alternatively you can head to our website: or email us at: or
phone us on: 07311 878605


Leiston-cum-Sizewell Town Council, Council Offices,  Main Street, Leiston,  IP16 4ER
Tel: (01728) 830388


Leiston-cum-Sizewell Town Council, Council Offices,  Main Street, Leiston,  IP16 4ER
Tel: (01728) 830388